bonjour, everyone! this is part 2 of 100 things about me! here is part 1 of the article. anyway, enjoy! :)

51. sci-fi or fantasy

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the flash and supergirl count as sci-fi, right? if so...then yeah, sci-fi.

52. numbers or letters?

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letters because numbers implies to math and dat yucky elohel

53. harry potter or lord of the rings

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neither 🤷

54. fair or theme park

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theme parks. they look amazing when they are decorated for halloween and christmas, like disneyland!

55. money or fame

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dolla dolla bills, y'all.

56. washing dishes or doing laundry

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laundry, definitely laundry.

57. snakes or sharks

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if we didn't have sharks, we wouldn't have left shark, now would we?

58. orange juice or apple juice

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apple juice >>>

59. sunrise or sunset

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sunsets because night lights in the city start poppin' up.

60. pen or pencil

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it's kind of a tough choice because both look very nice, but i'll choose pencils because they're easier to erase. i make a lot of mistakes when i write and draw, haha.

61. slacker or overachiever

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i think i'm both, but...mostly...a slacker.

62. peanut butter or jelly

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creamy peanut butter, yes please!

63. grammys or oscars

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oscars because the grammys is just full of soulless rappers, overrated pop singers, and katy perry being snubbed year after year nowadays. yeah. besides, it's nice to see disney and other animation studios have some spotlight on them.

64. detailed or abstract

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i love dem details!

65. multiple choice or short answer

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multiple choice, babay.

66. adventurous or cautious

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i been feeling a sense of wanderlust lately and i really want to go out and explore, but i just don't know where to go lol. but i can be cautious sometimes, usually what i'm doing and who i'm doing it with.

67. saver or spender

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for the most part, i spend pretty frequently, but i try to save as much as i can. i'm always just kinda broke. at least have an ever so growing bank that has $20+ worth of change that i save in case for a rainy day or something.

68. glasses or contacts

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i have 20/20 vision, so i don't need to wear either. however, i've really been wanting to wear faux glasses lately, but as previously stated, i'm always kinda broke.

69. laptop or desktop

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laptop, definitely. i'm actually currently using the one my mom gave to me very recently because i have a pretty old and i think virus-infested desktop i want to get rid of. i like that i can get comfortable with a laptop, rather than having to sit on the stiff wooden chair i have. i love that i'm able to lay on my comfy bed because if i'm in my room, there's a 99% chance i'll be on my bed because i really love it that much!

70. classic or modern

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modern :)

71. personal chef or fitness trainer

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i don't know, i suppose a chef since my mom is one.

72. internet or cell phone

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73. call or text

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74. curly or straight hair

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i have straight, but i want wavy hair, does that count?

75. morning or night shower

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night showers, it feels really nice after a long day. :)

76. jazz or classical

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i don't listen to either regularly. but both are really nice!

77. dancing or singing

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i can't do either for the life of me, but i listen to music a lot and i sing along to it, so...

78. checkers or chess

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checkers, though i haven't played it in forever and forgot how to play 😂

79. board games or video games

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even though i grew up with an uncle who is obsessed with board games, i would have to say i prefer video games. just dance and wii sports resort were my LIFE.

80. wine or beer

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neither. i'm not of legal age to drink alcohol yet and i'm not planning to drink by then.

81. freckles or dimples

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i have freckles, so i would say...yeah, freckles!

82. honey mustard or bbq sauce

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barbecue sauce, all the way!

83. body weight exercises or lifting weights

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body weight exercises.

84. baseball or basketball

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i'm not sporty, but i like playing baseball when i'm forced to do it in p.e., ngl.

85. crossword puzzles or sodokus

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crossword puzzles.

86. facial hair or clean shaven

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i shave, but i've been getting kinda tired of it lately. yeah, i get insecure when people can see my body hair, but why are women kind of required to shave? i'm just sayin'.

87. rainy days or stormy nights

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rainy days are everythingggg!

88. dragons or mermaids

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89. reading or writing

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reading :)

90. fire or ice

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91. time or space travel

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time travel. if i'm ever able to do it, i would like to go into the future just to see where i ended up in life.

92. swim in the sea or gaze at stars

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star gazing. it's just so beautiful to look at :').

93. movie theater or arcade

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it's a close call, but i would say movie theater. for me, it's such a treat.

94. carousel or roller coaster rides

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roller coasters!!

95. twitter or facebook

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twitter!! go follow me there teehee

96. romantic or funny boyfriend

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97. be an actress or model

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i would love to be an actress!

98. mondays or sundays

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sundays. i looove to sleep in.

99. neon or pastel-colored

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100. shopping in store or online

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the two have their pros and cons, but i would say both!

and that concludes the 100 facts about me! oof, that took forever, but it was fun. thank you so much for reading my article and i hope you enjoyed it! au revoir! -liv 😘🦋✨

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