💕 It's a crush 💕

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There is this boy, with his hazel eyes
he makes me laugh, even when my heart cries.
He cares about how I feel,
and rises me up, after I fell.
He is funny, oh how much I love his smile,
it hits me every god damn time.

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And when he laugh, my world spins faster,
but when he stops, it's a disaster.
We never find the time to hang out,
but there is this connection,
because somehow he can read between the lines
and sees in my text that I lie when I type " I'm fine ",

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It's so silly 'cause when we saw eachother everyday,
we never talked, barely said "Hey".
So what is that between us, that's what I want to know?
A flirt or just a hopepless try to make time flow?
I don't know what I should think,
and I don't know if it woulnd't be better to flew.
before my heart breaks and he just leaves.
But all I want is to have him near,
Play with his soft brown bedhair… oh dear…
Every thought ouf him fell like a rush.
Maybe, I guess, it is a crush

Hey, I know that I'm not that got in writing Poems, but I tried my best.
I wrote this last night, whille there was a loud thunderstorm. It felt so ood to write this down.
Actually I kinda felt like Lara Jean, just that I don't write letters, I write Poems.
💕 Bye 💕