Feminism: The belief in the social, economic, and political equality of the sexes.
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When I tell people that I’m a feminist I often get a weird grimace and a simple sigh in return. Why is that? Why has feminism been painted as something bad? Why is it that people think I only support women and not men?

There are many reasons why I think men and women should be looked upon as equals. Therefore, I believe everyone should be a feminist. Imagine if everyone thought that all genders were worth the same! However, in 2018, millions of people think that feminists support the idea that women are better than men. That is not the case, and I’m here to tell you why you should be a feminist.

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It’s not boy-bashing at all. I love boys, but I love women. It’s about equality. It’s not about being above men, it’s about being equal to men. -Ariana Grande

Trough hundreds of years have women been told what to do. They have been told what to wear, how to act, who to love and what to be. They have been told that they don’t have a voice, that they were made to stay at home, and that they shall always be quiet. But ladies (and gentlemen): we can make a change. Feminism has grown like never before. It’s now a topic we speak about publicly.

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And all though feminism has helped women all over the world, we still need more feminists in this huge world. Why you might ask?

There’s still a large pay gap between men and women. People believe women can’t make their own choices when it comes to their body. Millions of women get told how to act and what to wear every day. In some countries, women are not allowed to speak their mind. Thousands of girls are still not allowed to go to school. And when a woman dares to speak up about this injustice, people either ignore her or punish her.

Why do we need feminism? Because you’re still asking me that question. -John Whedon
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When I was five years old, I was told I was too loud for a girl. At ten years old, I was told I should keep my thoughts to myself and let the boys in my class decide what to do next. When at fourteen, I was told I was too ambitious for a girl. When at fifteen, I decided I was a feminist. I still am, and I will keep fighting for equality till the day I die - because equality isn't about women taking over the world. It's about women and men having the same rights.

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I don't know what skin color you have. I don't know where you're from, and I don't know your religion or even if you are religious. Neither do I care. All I want is to tell you is that you should be rooting for everyone. How can we protect and fight for our world when only half of it is invited to the fight?

This article was written by @matomm on the We Heart It writers team.