// I have recently just realized that I have been way to focused on problems, and negative aspects of life lately, and honestly its so draining. especially now as the darker, colder months are right around the corner ( I live in Norway btw). Therefore I'm trying this new approach, not a revolutionary one haha, but I'm trying to think and write about things I love, things that makes me happy, and maybe inspire people to do the same, it doesn't have to be something huge, but the small things, the everyday stuff.
so here is the article, hope you'll like it.

you know what I love?

the stars on a clear night. shining on the earth, on us, like little powerful light bulbs in all different sizes, just randomly placed on a black canvas. I love to lay down in the grass, and breath in the fresh air, look up and just gaze at the impressive night sky, made up of thousands, possibly millions of stars. Dreaming. oh how I love the fact that looking at the stars makes me dream.

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Admiring, the result of the creation of the universe. much like an artwork really. if the starry sky isn' a perfect example of art, then I don't know what is. admiring how all the huge spheres of hot gas, that to me appear like relatively small twinkling stars. lighting up the world.
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Feeling small in the scale of the universe. I often find myself a little frightened by the thought of the universe being unfathomable, but also I find it fascinating. I love watching things, be it a movie or the starry sky, knowing that I can't fully comprehend it. It makes me eager to learn, to make theories of my own and just dream. It also makes me question our existence, space, time and gravity.
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one question that repeatedly comes up, more than anything else, is the question about why we feel like the center of the universe? the individual human I mean. Despite knowing that we humans compose a very little part of the world itself. which is only a tiny part of OUR solar system, which again is not even a fraction of the universe. Kinda makes you put things in a perspective really. like our problems for instance, although they might seem big and never-ending, in the scheme of things our problem don't amount to a hill of bean in this universe. this fact can be depressing for some, understandably, but for me its an extremely liberating thought.
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you know what else I love? Rainy days. Always have and always. especially during summer, when the temperature is warmer, and the rain on your skin feels like a refreshing shower. a cleanse. a healing really. Don't misunderstand me, I would not want it to pour all day everyday. I just see the beauty in rainy days. Sometimes in my opinion they are as beautiful as sunny days. or maybe a different kind of beauty, that is incomparable. I just love how the rain leaves the flowers more beautiful after, in fact they are never as beautiful and flourishing as they are after the rain. And smell of wet weather, I can't get enough, especially after a rather dry spell.
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When I was a kid, I used to dance in the rain for hours, jump in puddles and just embrace it all. And I remember I was SO happy. I really envy kids for finding joy in the simple things in life, like rain falling from the sky. I want to find the kid in me and just dance, dance in the rain again, and feel the rain on my delicate skin.

- lonelywolfiexx