Maintaining a healthy lifestyle during the school year can be difficult. Not to mention Halloween is coming up and it's very tempting to eat sugary sweets and candy all month long. However, with a bit of determination and self-control, you can maintain a happy, healthy lifestyle.

My personal definition of a healthy lifestyle is being healthy both physically and mentally.

So here are some tips on how to maintain both:

1. Keep Active -

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Now I know that long school days can be exhausting, so exercising may sound undesirable. That's totally understandable! I suggest making a goal to work out a minimum amount of days that week. I usually go for three, but you can go higher or lower depending on whether you are new to this healthy lifestyle or have been on it for a while.

2. Eat Right -

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This one is the simplest, most obvious tip, but it is also the most difficult to do. However, once you get yourself accustomed to eating healthy, your body won't be asking you for greasy foods anymore, but instead, the healthy alternatives you've begun to implement to your diet. That being said this does not mean you have to eat salads all the time. There are tons of recipes you can make for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and even dessert! With enough effort, you'll develop a habit out of eating healthy.

3. Remove any toxicity from your life -

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Along with having a healthy body, you need a healthy mindset. First things first, you need to remove anything toxic in your life. This could include people, habits, anything that upsets you to an excessive level. I know it's tough to say goodbye to people but a rose can't grow in a bad environment so you can't expect yourself to grow either, right?

4. Start your days right -

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Happy mind, happy life; start every day with a clean slate. Don't wake up worrying about what that day will bring, what's due tomorrow, or any other stress-inducing thoughts. Doing so will just get you feeling sluggish and sad, which we don't want! The goal is to wake up refreshed, with a positive mindset, ready to rule the day. Remember to keep your chin up darling, you don't want your tiara to fall. :)

5. Be yourself -

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Just do you! Don’t worry about what people may think. If something makes you happy keep doing it. As long as you love what you are doing that's all that matters. Who knows; you might make a bunch of new friends with similar interests.

So that is it for my article; I hope this helps and works out for you. I genuinely believe that anyone can do this as long as they set their mind to it. So keep going, be strong, I believe in you!

Thanks for reading!
Giselle :)

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This article was written by @omg_giselle on the We Heart It Writers Team.