Whoever you are, wherever you are, if you're sitting there, standing there or laying there face down, life has given you the taste of it's worst side whatever that side is for you and you just want to give up. Give up on whatever it is, give up on playing fair, being kind, love, friendships, hope.
This article is for you.
"The world will break your heart ten ways to Sunday..." - Silver Linings Playbook
Life tends to disappoint us sometimes because we have expectations. Have you ever met those people who have become so disappointed in life they've given up completely? or maybe you are one of those people. I know I was just a few days ago.
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I used to believe in love, intense, real love. I used to believe in fairy tales and miracles. Two years ago I met this person, let's call him Luke. I trusted Luke, yet he broke my trust, a few days later, pictures were flying all around. Not only did Luke betray my trust, which he swore he never would. He has called me w**re, b**ch, t**t etc. When I was going to move on, (mind you we weren't dating) he made sure I could not. He ruined my new relationship before it even started, and made sure to ruin anything I had with anyone I liked. I never knew why. Luke just used me, and so there were more who wanted to do just that. Boys have always liked me for my looks, never for who I was. This eventually leads me to believe that no one ever liked me. Paired with the fact that a boy I had liked for 8 years didn't even look at me that way.
My many disappointments with crushes lead me to lose all hope for love. The 5 knives in my back lead me to lose all hope for friendships. Having my best friend taken away from me made me lose hope for life. Having a guidance counselor kindly advice me not to even consider applying for Harvard had me lose hope in my abilities.
Now you are probably waiting for some grand story about how this giant thing happened and everything fell into place. Don't get your hopes up, there is no big clickbait storytime behind this realization, but it doesn't mean it is not worth telling.
Onece we give up, it is never too late to get back up.
"...that's guaranteed. And I can't begin to explain that- or the craziness inside myself and everybody else, but guess what? Sunday is my favorite day again" - Silver Linings Playbook
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Empty and cold from the recent events I had decided to escape this world through my favorite escape mechanism- binging on 1 season TV series. (Which are the best to binge on, because they're short and you can finish the whole thing in one binge) Anyway this time I was binging on Once Upon A Time In Wonderland The binge resulted in the following three realizations:
1. Oh MY God, I HAve A NEW OTP !!!
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2. One should never give up. In other words, you should never let the world break you. Because life will disappoint you as long as you have expectations, which you should always have, don't be an ameba. The world will just go on with or without you. You will need to get back up and keep fighting. Every single character had some kind of disappointment in their life. Jafar was almost killed by his father, Will was disappointed in love, Alice's father didn't believe her and had no faith in her.
While Jafar became evil and focused on ruining everyone's lives and Will gave up his heart not to feel, Alice kept fighting no matter what. In the end, she got her father to believe in her and saved the wonderland. Had she let the world break her and given up, well the TV series wouldn't be interesting lol
No, but for real. I don’t know what happened but I know that you should never let anyone take away your spark ever.
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My mother always says it is too late for her to be happy. It is too late to start doing something new at her age, which is 46. It is not true. And many people have this false idea to say that this and that is too late. I'm here to say it is never too late.
3. It is never too late to pick your sword back up and keep fighting. Fight for whatever it is you got disappointed in because let me tell you that one bad experience with love doesn’t mean love doesn’t exist. If you have given up, it is never too late to turn your life around never. In movies, heroes always give up at some point, but then we see them pick their sword back up and turn their life around. It is never too late to improve and turn your life around. It will not happen overnight, but little by little you will get there.
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At the same time, it is never too late to improve. I don't think so. Red Queen has made many mistakes but she decided she wanted to improve and so she did. I have made many mistakes, I have made fun of certain people who did not deserve it and treated my best friend in a way she did not deserve. Now I am trying to make things right.
It is never too late for you to give love a chance. It is never too late for you to go forward with a career you love. It is never too late for you to make a family. It is never too late for you to take up a sport and become the best at it. It is never too late to turn your life around. - Angelinpurgatory

PS sorry for being gone for so long. This was the reason, but now I have gotten back up and hope you do too.