disclaimer: i have had trouble with getting my ears pierced in the past with a gun (i did an article on it i'll link it below😉.)

there are no pros to getting your ears pierced with a gun, here's why☕️:

🌸 getting them done with a gun damages the tissue in your ear and cause excess scar tissue.
🌸needles are better as they create a small cut rather than a huge puncture hole.
🌸 using a needle is also much safer and less painful as it creates a clean hole and there is no risk of it getting stuck.
🌸 many youtubers have had many incidents with getting their ears pierced with a gun, yet they blame it on claire's.
🌸 guns force a blunt earring through your ear which is powered by a spring, does that sound safe to you? needles are more stress free and the earring goes in through a hole in the needle (self explanatory if you search it up on youtube)

i had my ears pierced with a needle over six weeks ago and my ears aren't infected (touch wood), all you feel is heat and a little pressure.

i had to have my earrings changed though for a longer stem as i had too much scar tissue (created by the gun) which was making my ears swell.

hope you enjoyed the article/tea spilling

eve x