I'm actually thinking a lot of what I want in my life. This is a little part of what I want: a random romance.
Hope you'll appreciate it! With all my Love ♥,


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In a place where I'm going a lot (the center of my town)


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I have some boy criteria (haha) I want a guy taller than me, with dark eyes and dark hair; gentle expression and behavior (of course), and someone cultivated, and to be honest: a hot body.


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I think it's gonna be in a funfair because it will make us feel more confortable

It will be the in the end of a rainy day

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♥ For the man

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I'm in love with the korean men style.

♥ For the girl

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I think it will be nicely ankward because we don't know eachother that well. I mean we never got a real "only 2" moment.

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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ After the first date, it will take a while before having an other "only two of us" moment because time is gonna go really fast. But we'll text-message eachother often.

The other dates are gonna be to discover eachother.

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I love simple dates like watching a sunset,
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or going to the beach;
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walking in the street;
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going to do some shopping
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or just having a bicycle ballad.

I want our relationship to stay quiet because, all the teenage who got a public relationship had problems because of the others.
When I say that, I mean that people are supposed to know that me and my bf are in a relationship but they are not supposed to know how we are living it.

XOXO, Marie