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Birth Name: Tsukasa Mako
Stage Name: Mako
Position: Main Vocalist, Lead Dancer
Birthday: July 3rd, 2001
Nationality: Japanese-Portuguese
Birthplace: Tokyo, Japan

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Tokyo, Japan


Name: GIW (Girls in Wonderland)
Fandom Name: Time Traveler(s)
Debut Date: April 23, 2021
Company: SM Entertainment
Number of Members: 5


Height: 173cm (5'8)
Weight: 45 kg
Hair: Black and wavy
Eyes: Dark brown
Voice: LOONA's Yves

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Credits to @/_plumfloral/hara3m

Looks like a quiet person but is energetic, honest, emotional, likes to make people laugh, meme expert

Social Media
Instagram: @/37_moons


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Award Shows

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Solo Debut

Date: September 5, 2024
Mini Album's Name: Midnight
1. Easy Love [Title Track]
2. Moon
3. Get Away (feat. Mark from NCT)
4. Reflection
5. When The Rain Falls (Japanese Track)
6. Easy Love (Japanese Version)

Closest Idol Friends

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Jihyo (TWICE), Murase Sae (NMB48), Jae (Day6), NCT Dream

Extra Information

  • Mother is Chinese and father is Japanese
  • Moved to Portugal when she was 5 years old and lived there until she was 14, then moved back to Japan
  • She used to be in a rock band in high school
  • She was suppose to auditioned for AKB48 but got the directions wrong and ended up in the SM Japan audition and passed
  • She became a trainee on May 1st, 2019
  • Afraid of heights
  • Hates aegyo
  • Favorite color is red
  • Loves eating any kind of fish
  • Childhood and best friends with Daisy (@7_ka0ri)
  • Can play guitar, bass and piano
  • Can speak fluent japanese and portuguese (Portugal)
  • She's not that good at korean and chinese
  • Learnt english by herself at the age of 13 and now speaks it fluently
  • She's a big fan of Red Velvet, EXID and Dreamcatcher

Ideal Type: Someone who's honest and lively; she chose ATEEZ' Yunho as her ideal type

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Other GIW oc members:

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