Hey guys, this is actually my first time writing an article so I'm not sure how this would go.

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So as you can see, the title is "It's okay to fail". This is a pretty personal topic for me since I hate failure and I'm also really scared of it. Normally I'm always successful in what I do whether if its sports, studies or the relationships that I have.

But recently, I got a two in my communication studies (okay here's a little backstory, I'm from Trinidad where we have an exam called CAPE which is similar to the British A-levels and communication studies is compulsory in the first year and caribbean studies is compulsory in the second). I'm aware that a two isn't bad because I passed the exam but the thing about is that I was aiming for a distinction because my country awards national scholarships to the people with pretty high scores (all distinctions basically)

So i was pretty sad about it for a while. My mom congratulated me and told me that I tried my best and still loves me and all that jazz whereas my dad told me I could've done better which bummed me out.

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So doing what any normal person would, I went on we heart it and started looking up depressing quotes whilst listening to sad music. This helped me cry all my frustrations out so I could attempt to turn over anew leaf.

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I don;t know when, where or how but suddenly I felt a weight lifted my shoulders. I no longer feared failure. By me getting two I experienced it and since I don't wanna experience it again, I aspired to work twice as hard and to do over the exam and aim for a distinction. I know its gonna be hard to do over communication studies since I have like 14 other exams to write but I have a great support system which are my mom and friends and I just have to work and believe I would succeed.

So here's some quotes that helped me through my time:

So I hope you enjoyed this and I helped you so bye for now.

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