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51. Sci- Fi or Fantasy?

crown, princess, and gold image book, pink, and once upon a time image
Fantasy. I do enjoy Sci-FI though.

52. Numbers or Letters?

sleep, black, and light image coffee, letters, and quotes image

53. Harry Potter or Lord of The Rings?

train, green, and hogwarts image book image
Harry Potter.

54. Fair or Theme Park?

coachella, summer, and festival image fun, sunset, and summer image

55. Money or fame?

money image car, pink, and mustang image

56. Washing Dishes or Doing Laundry?

aesthetic and theme image neon, aesthetic, and light image

57. Snakes or Sharks?

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Both are really fascinating.

58. Orange Juice or Apple Juice?

apple, autumn, and fall image apple, autumn, and fall image
Apple juice.

59. Sunrise or Sunset?

pink, clouds, and moon image city, pink, and sky image

60. Pen or Pencil?

drawing and tattoo image Image by semiranis_semiranis

61. Slacker or Overachiever?

study, motivation, and studying image Image removed

62. Peanut Butter or Jelly?

beauty, chic, and classy image blanket, bread, and coffee image

63. Grammys or Oscars?

Image removed oscar, leonardo dicaprio, and actor image

64. Detailed or Abstract?

art, artwork, and black&white image art, hands, and pale image
Both are cool.

65. Multiple Choice or Short Answer?

pink, rose gold, and theme image pen, aesthetic, and black image
Short answers. I honestly suck at multiple choice, it's sad.

66. Adventurous or Cautious?

girl, friendship, and friends image rome, travel, and italy image
Depends on the situation.

67. Saver or Spender?

travel, adventure, and money image grunge, indie, and music image
Huge Saver.

68. Glasses or Contacts?

beautiful, girl, and Best image sunglasses, glasses, and accessories image

69. Laptop or Desktop?

bedroom, decor, and design image Image removed

70. Classic or Modern?

beige, architecture, and brown image Image removed

71. Personal Chef or Personal Fitness Trainer?

food, drink, and pancakes image art, artisan, and food image
A personal chef would be nice.

72. Internet or Cell Phone?

black and white, cool, and internet image quotes, aesthetic, and vintage image

73. Call or Text?

Image removed girl, tumblr, and blonde image

74. Curly Hair or Straight Hair?

curls, curly, and girl image cacheadas image
I have curly hair, but straight hair is gorgeouss.

75. Morning Shower or Night Shower?

girl, summer, and black and white image Temporarily removed
Night shower.

76. Spicy or Mild

food, mexican food, and spicy image buffalo, food, and spicy image
100% spicy.

77. Literature or Art

book, library, and aesthetic image Image removed

78. Mondays or Sundays?

Inspiring Image on We Heart It book, coffee, and cozy image
Sundays. It's not a school day.

79. Bomber Jacket or Denim?

fashion, girl, and hair image fashion, outfit, and style image
Bomber jackets are so cute, but I own a denim jacket.

80. Going Out or Staying Home

book, coffee, and bed image book, coffee, and autumn image
Staying home. Although sometimes going out can be fun too.

81. Movies or Tv Shows?

grey and greys anatomy image Image removed
Tv Shows. I'm not much of a movie person.

82. Fast Food or Cooking At Home?

food and breakfast image food, sandwich, and cheese image
Home cooked meals anyday.

83. Sweet Crepes or Savory Crepes

food, strawberry, and pancakes image coffee, food, and breakfast image
I haven't tried crepes, but probably sweet?? I love savoury food too though so idk.

84. Bagels or Muffins?

aesthetic, dessert, and food image chocolate, food, and cupcake image

85. Jello or Pudding?

bakery, cheesecake, and chocolate image

86. Kylie Jenner or Kendall Jenner?

kendall jenner, Kendall, and model image kendall jenner, model, and car image

87. Expensive House or Expensive Car?

home, house, and luxury image interior, home, and design image
Expensive house.

88. Bang On Time or Be Too Late?

love, couple, and watch image city, girl, and lol image
On time.

89. Royal Crown or Beanie?

crown, girl, and Queen image girl, hijab, and sky image
Crown and hijab girl.

90. Popcorn or Jelly Beans?

chanel and popcorn image 90s, decor, and food image

91. Inner or Outer Beauty?

Image removed beauty, inner peace, and love image
Inner beauty ofc.

92. Being An Actress or Being A Model?

Image by Мария Image removed
An actress.

93. Europe or Asia?

fashion, wine, and city image people and culture image

94. Salad or Hamburger?

bacon, food, and fried image food image

95. Being Happy or Making Someone Happy?

motivation, saying, and words image beauty image
Both are so important.

96. Bella Hadid or Gigi Hadid

gig hadid image Temporarily removed

97. Romantic or Funny Boyfriend

Inspiring Image on We Heart It love, couple, and rain image
Uhm both please. Thanks.

98. Picnic or nice restaurant?

bella hadid, model, and dress image aesthetic, dark, and dim image
Nice restaurant.

99. Nickelodeon or Disney Channel

Image removed perry, phineas, and ferb image

100. Short hair or long hair?

beautiful, bun, and details image lovely, beautiful girl, and beauty image
Long hair is so pretty, but short hair is easier to maintain. So both?

That's everything!! Make sure to read part one linked above if you haven't already.

The first 75 questions are inspired by @lifesnaive. The rest are from @leeeylaaa_3008 :) (I changed a few questions though)

Hope you enjoyed! xx

- Hafsa ♥

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