Hello guys! Nails are a big part of the personal image, and as I know that a lot of people are fighting with them, today's article is about how to improve your nails care.


#1 Moisturize and massage
This step is skipped very often, but actually its very important. Use a hands cream and massage your hands, fingers, nails, and cuticles every day.

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#2 Don't use acetone
This chemical is very aggressive for your nails, it can damage them, so eliminate it completely of your nails routine. Instead, use a nail polish remover without acetone.

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#3 Choose the shape and the length of your nails

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Choose a shape that you really like and goes with you!
Search videos of professional people cutting and filing nails, this way you'll learn how to do it well.

Remember: nails look better when all are cut at the same size.

I think that all of us want long nails, but sometimes they are a little obstructive when we're doing some tasks, so choose a length that goes with you!
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  • Take off the nail polish (with a nail polish remover without acetone)
  • Cut your nails (with the length and shape you chose)
  • Treat your cuticles: Don't cut them! Push them back gently
  • Exfoliate your hands
  • Moisturize and massage (as I teach you above)
  • Now, if you want to paint your nails again (because this sometimes it's not necessary), use a base coat with vitamins to protect them of stains.
  • Have fun with your nail polish, mix textures, colors, etc.
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That's it! Hope it helps!

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