Hey hearters♡
I've been feeling very unproductive and lazy recently. It's always been like that this time of the year, when school starts and I completely lose my motivation in the first 2 weeks! I just feel like I need to get my shit together asap.That's why I decided to take a small break from my other articles to introduce you to a small series:

G et
Y our
S hit
T ogether

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The name speaks for itself, right? I will be doing a complete guide on how to kind of restart your life and feel brand new!! Hopefully you'll find this series useful, and think of it like a challenge. I will do all the things in the guide as well, because the main reason for making this series is because I need to organize myself and my thoughts and ideas, and it is way easier when I have it all written down in a few articles.

Now, the series will consist of atleast 6 articles, each of them representing one 'category':

  • Physical space
  • Health
  • Organization
  • School
  • Self care
  • Habits

although I will most likely make up more categories when I think of them. Feel free to message me any ideas you have, I'll be happy to see them!!

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You can use this series any time you need some motivation, or you need to get your shit together again. The first article will be up in 1-2 days, so this is all for now.

This series will be very similar and might include some tips i found in other articles that are in my Girlboss collection. You can always check out that one, as well as my other collections:

and here's a collection of articles written by me!!

i'm still a beginner, so don't judge lol

See you in my next article♡