This is a list of things that I:

  • Want to happen to me/ make happen/ to acomplish before 2018 ends. None of them are nearly impossible, like being discover by Disney; but some of them might be a little bit more difficult or less plausible to happen during this year.

Most of them are actually really silly, but oh well...!

Let's begin:

To finish The Way Of Kings by Brandon Sanderson
This would be the longest book that I'd have ever read!

To finish the story I'm working on (or at least half of it)

anime, studio ghibli, and howl's moving castle image dark, girl, and hair image couple, love, and kiss image Babylon, tower of babel, and ziggurat image
I've been workin on it for a while now, almost two years. However, lately I've been really stuck. And even though I know a book is not something you finish on a year or less- usually-, is something that gets me a little bit frustrated.

To have watched at least 3 series
I haven't watched a lot of shows this 2018. I started a lot of them, but finish none. My candidates for now are as follow:

  • Titans
  • Krypton
  • The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

To love my body when naked
I already love it. I'm just not so happy about my belly, my cellulitte, and my butt. All of this are alright, but I can tell you... I haven't been working out. Thing is I'm lazy, and also GYM is really expensive. Plus!! I'll be studying until December. So I won't be having enough energy nor time to go to the gym.
My plan:

abs, body, and fit image
I will be also doing planks, abs work, squats and indoor spinning.

Good and Passionate Romance

quotes image
I've written a whole article about this: "Soon I will be loved"

Pass all my finals

Take myself to the movies

Take myself to get some coffee

Have a very festive mood

Halloween and pumpkin image
Here where I live we don't celebrate Halloween. However, I grew up watching movies about that tradition, and I love it. So I want to get a bit spooky now on October.

I want my hair to grow
I've got it cut, it doesn't look bad but not only do I want to let it grow longer, I actually need it to grow so it can stop looking funny

Read one or two classics

Complete my goodreads challenge (25 reads)

Read at least 5 comics
Things is I love comics but I don't. I love the characters, love superheroes, love reading about them from time to time. Still, comic's dialogues lack this deepth that I'm always craving from stories. (This is just me and my perception.)

Start painting

floral, flowers, and grunge image art, paint, and painting image
AAlthough, honestly, this goal is not that important to me. I actually believe that summer vacation (from mid December to February/March) would be the perfect time for this.

This is all for now.

Thanks for reading!