I gave you my heart, but I shouldn't have. But I did it anyway, and you threw it away. I gave you my time and my attention. I stayed up late, eventhough I was tired, because you weren't and wanted to talk. I was there for you, when you needed someone to talk. But when I needed someone to talk, you laughed it away with your friends and didn't take me serious. All I wanted, was someone to listen and understand me, but instead you thought it was better to tell your friends and make a bet around me. We weren't made for eachother and we knew, I knew. But still, it hurts seeing you with someone else.

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I knew from the start, it wasn't going to last. But it still hurts, because I had this little bit of hope. A little bit of hope, that you would fight for me. And maybe you would. If I told you how I felt, but I was scared. I was scared you wouldn't listen or take me serious.

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All you wanted was physical affection, and I knew that. You didn't want me, you wanted my attention and affection. But I couldn't give you that, I didn't want to. It was too soon, but you wanted it from the start. You didn't force me, but I knew you wanted it. So when I couldn't give it to you, you went to somebody else to get it.

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And I thought we could at least be friends. But it was all or nothing for you. And that's how I know, that you didn't want me, but my attention and affection. You found someone better, so you don't need me anymore.

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Note to self:
Don't get attached to people so easily, because at one point they'll leave. And they won't care about you anymore, because they found someone better.

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