Issue 30, 2018

I thought I would go through some old short stories and bring them back!!

Mad Man
Contrary, what's worse than being contrary?
His arrogance melted the walls with extreme steam.
Not that anyone at the table noticed besides me.
He stood up in glee and arrogance as the walls melted behind him with jealousy.
As he slicked his hair back, he noticed the walls behind him...
-XOXO LushKitties

The Fainting
Right then and there I fainted.
All I could see was a black and white hallucination.
I saw a black and white chess game in heaven.
I danced my thoughts out.
The clouds shouted in glee as I shouted in anger.
Angels danced on land.
While I danced by the clouds.
I felt like one hibiscus flower on a unaccompanied island.
My overwhelming thoughts brought me to the moon and back.
Suddenly... I was woken up...
Zander shook me. He said "What, what are you okay?"
I said "Yes, I just shouted in heaven and danced..."
-XOXO LushKitties

As Always
XOXO LushKitties