Ineffable: ɪnˈɛfəb(ə)l

too great or extreme to be expressed or described in words.

This is the place where you'll learn, people have hundreds of masks on their faces.

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You'll learn not to trust a certain group of people. You'll fight some of your biggest fight with your loved ones.

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You'll come to know some things that might change you in a good way. You'll realize not all your friends are going to stand with you when you'll need them the most.

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You'll get to know everyone is going through a hard time. You'll understand not everything is meant to be.

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There will be times when you have laughed and at times you'll cry.

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You'll learn by heart how to let things go. There will the times when you will think about how did you pass through the difficult situation.

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There will be moments which you want them to last forever and a few moments which you'll never forget.

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Take time where you just want to feel the wind passing through your hair.

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The sunlight falling on your face.

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The rain making you wet and cold.

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So sit back and relax. Enjoy every moment with a cup of tea.


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