My dear constellation prince,

It is currently 4:05 in the morning where I am, yet I find the best thing to do is write you a letter. Love makes us do stupid, consequential things, does it not? I may be losing sleep but I'd rather spend an entire night with you than sink into the realm of dreams where almost anything imaginable can happen. Reality is real, it's tangible. You're real, you're tangible. And, God, is it a blessing you are.
You possess more talent in your fingertips than I have in my entire body. It's mesmerizing, how passionate you are about your talents. You dance like no one is watching, even if you're on a stage with thousands of your fans screaming your name. Your voice is absolutely beautiful, whether you're rapping or singing. I can hear just how much you want to let it out. You want to be free, with no one to control you. Isn't that what music is about? Free expression with no restraints? No steel shackles holding you against a concrete wall? The industry isn't that kind, my love, I'm sorry. They'll work you to the absolute bone, till your legs can't carry you anymore and you'll want to lull into a warm slumber. But I'll be here to pick you up, I promise. I'll always be here.

Moving on from a depressing note, I guess it's time to get sappy. That smile of yours, you wield it like a weapon. It melts my heart each time those freckled cheeks of yours lift to reveal that gorgeous, bright smile. And your eyes, they're so comforting. They're the colour of coffee and they're warm and sweet. Your freckles are like a galaxy, little stars placed on your cheeks in such an intricate way, forming constellations humans have yet to name. And your voice, it's deep and pulls at my chest in a way that I can't explain. It makes me feel at home, yet it makes me feel like I'm in an entirely different world. It's something I can fall asleep to, but I want to stay up all night. You're soft and pretty, something very many of the boys I know aren't.
Are you sensing a pattern here? If you don't, I'll explain it to you, don't worry. You simply conflict me. You twist my emotions inside and out, till even a glance to you pulls at my chest. You make me want to stay, yet I want to leave. Is that what love feels like? A constant dilemma? A war between your mind and your heart? If so, I hope it never ends. I hope a peace treaty is never signed, so that I can feel like this forever.

I also want you to do as many things as you can while you still have the chance. Don't let anyone bring you down as they have in the past. Please, please, just keep chasing your dreams until they come true. You're still young, only aged eighteen, and I know that this age is tough in certain circumstances, especially when you're in an entirely different country and you're learning an entirely different language. But, I believe in you. I believe in every decision you've made up to this point, because I know you're smart and mature enough to take the consequences that may come with it.
So yes, I can confirm that I am in love with you, but I know that it is impossible, for both myself and other stays. We are simply admiring from afar, but you know what? That's enough.

Just another stay,