Hello, you lovely people!

Today I got inspired by this article:

So, without further ado, let’s get to it.

a | age

best friends, red, and 16th birthday image birthday, 16, and party image

b | best feature

Image by Reem🌻 eye, eyebrows, and green image

c | colour

aesthetic, dark, and train image alternative, black, and china image

d | deepest regret
staying quiet when I should have talked and talking when I should have stayed quiet.

emotions, important, and quote image Image removed

e | everyday starts with
checking my phone

iphone, white, and grunge image nike, black, and iphone image

f | favourite show
13 reasons why

Image by Megan Lynn Hostetler Inspiring Image on We Heart It

g | greatest accomplishment
staying alive

quotes, hurt, and life image quotes, mental illness, and depression image

h | height

girl, problems, and relatable image anger, attitude, and feelings image

i | in love with
that one guy from secondary school

Mature image crush, heartbeat, and him image

j | job of my dreams
singer in a girl band, even tho I can’t sing at all, haha
Or a famous writer, I'll go with that, too.

artist, fashion, and music image aesthetic, brown, and singer image

k | kids I want
twins, a boy and a girl

baby, beauty, and brunette image baby and girl image

l | last place I travelled to

architecture, building, and vienna image architecture, building, and vienna image

m | most likely to
make stupid facial expressions matching my daydreams

me image Image removed

n | number of siblings
Three half-siblings; two twin brothers and a sister

Image removed funny, siblings, and love image

o | one favourite song
natural – Imagine Dragons

cold, Lyrics, and music image Abusive image

p | passions
listening to music, writing, reading, photography, being alone

aesthetic, tumblr, and bts image rainbow, music, and white image

q | question I’m always asked
“How is it to be left-handed?”

gold, love, and Paper image book, coffee, and reading image

r | reasons to smile
my dog, my cat, a small part of my family, those two friends I have left

blue, food, and cotton candy image selena gomez, friends, and coffee image

s | sexuality

love, couple, and hug image couple, love, and hug image

t | time I wake up
School – 6:00am
Weekends and Holidays – 8:00am

alarm, clock, and cutie image alarm, be, and black image

u | underwear colour

Calvin Klein, underwear, and grey image Copyrighted image

v | vacation place
New York

cities, newyork, and outdoors image city, travel, and new york image

w | worst habit

quotes, overlay, and thoughts image go for it, hard, and walk away image

x | x-rays I’ve had
three: all of them were done of my rib cage

bones, rib cage, and x-ray image art, bones, and hair image

y | your favourite thing to do
listen to music

book, iphone, and music image case, labyrinth, and nails image

z | zodiac sign

aesthetic, edit, and gemini image aesthetic, edit, and gemini image

So, that’s it for today.
I really hope you enjoyed this article, as I am not sure if I posted something similar to this once before. But if I did, just take it as an update article on the other one.
I really hope you have a wonderful 24 hours ahead of you.
- Rana