...... "Go get you praise from someone else,
You did a number on my health."

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In life, sometimes we face people that we thought were sugar, spice, sunshine, and everything nice and they turn out to be everything but.
Then, we curse the wretched moment when we decided to get close to them. Had it not been for that moment, we wouldn't be in such a difficult situation right now.

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Then again, this whole thought process isn't the most productive, now is it ?! So let's put it into perspective.

  • PROBLEM // toxic people:

The problem is we got close to a person without really knowing that it would lead to such great mental torture. You didn't realize in the beginning that you were signing up for this.

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Toxic people appear the sweetest initially.. but turn out to be anything but. They hurt you. They claw at you. Their words are knives and their actions are bullets. They make you squirm and at the end of the day, make you feel bad about it too.

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The problem is, if you leave them, they'll guilt trip you about it too so you can't really do anything about it, or can you?

  • SOLUTION // leaving:

The key to leaving is the small yet most significant thing called "courage". Look into your heart and at first glance you'll see only fear and doubts. You'll fear it recoil as you start to search it but keep looking. Look and look and look. As the days pass and the heart keeps beating, one day, you'll look into it and find courage in a corner you always somehow missed. It's time.

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Hold on to the courage you found. Know that no words, judgments or criticisms coming from others are truer than your own heart's courage. Hold on.

And then, just walk up to the toxic human knowing that they're just that, your equal human. They don't have authority over you, your mind or most importantly, your heart. Tell them, you're leaving them. Just like that. Know that they wont understand. They'll do what they've always done. They'll make you feel bad for being true to your heart but this time, you won't let them hold your reins. You're a wild, majestic creature that flies with the winds and howls with the wolves. You're free and it's your world out there.

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Walk away, leave them flabbergasted. Smile. You did the right thing.


When you're better make them understand your reasons and apologize if you have to. Spreading love is the priority but not at the expense of your health. If they understand, yay. If they don't, then that's okay too. Either way, don't ever go back to them again. Such people mostly don't change. If they do however, do give them a chance. Just one chance.

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