Hey guys,
We're finally in the fall season and that make me so happy (tell me if you're love fall as me). Besides for my second article I want to share you something I really like, so it's my "what I'm doing when fall is coming".

1. Change my wallpapers for something more autumnal. Most of the time I do my own "collage", I choose a comon disign/colors/mood.

2. Bring my heavy sweaters out again and thrift for find some new beautiful big heavy sweaters.

3.Open my window's room when it's raining for feel the fresh air and listen to the rain.(It's realy relaxing).

4. Redocorate my room, make a cosy atmosphere with some blankets, fairy lights...

5.Go in town and sip some coffees/hot chocolates whith my friends after class.

6. Pick up some leaf and put them in a book to dry(a kind of collection).


8.Do the sundays TV dinner with my parents and my sister.

That's it so I hope you enjoy my tang, do yours if you love fall like me. Have a nice day ๐Ÿงก