If I were...

| a witch

art and flowers image herbs, magic, and witch image autumn, book, and cozy image book, green, and aesthetic image
I'll be a polyvalent witch : I'll do green, hedge/dream, art/craft and kitchen witchcraft

| a vampire

vampire, lips, and purple image cool image
I wouldn't be a vampire, but if I don't have choice, I don't wanna kill people or animals, and I'll just take blood that I need, with consenting people.

| a werewolf

wolf, animal, and nature image book, fantasy, and OC image
I'll only transform to run and escape, I'll know control myself and I'll not hurt anyone.

| a pirate

girl, style, and aesthetic image sea, ship, and ocean image
I'll be a kind pirate : I'll steal rich people to give the treasures to the poor.

| a goddess

aphrodite, random, and lockscreen image aphrodite, background, and beautiful image aesthetic, edit, and fantasy image dark, goddess, and Queen image
I'll be Aphrodite because she's a strong woman or Nyx because I love nights.

| a fairy

aesthetic, art, and blackandwhite image dark, hands, and smoke image fantasy, fairy, and magic image tree, forest, and house image
I'll be a desenchanted fairy of nature.

| a mermaid

amazing, green, and grunge image dark, black, and woman image
I'll be a dark mermaid. I'll do witchcraft and live in a lost lake in Scoltand or Hungary.

| a princess

Temporarily removed beauty, portrait, and together image
I'll be a rebel princess, as Bean in Disenchantment, feminist and free.

| a queen

Image removed aesthetic, flowers, and princess image
I'll be a strong queen, without husband. I'll be kind, honest and I'll be there for the people.

And it's over, I hope you endjoyed it,