1.) Clean & Moisturized Skin

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Before I do my makeup, I always like to start out with a clean and moisturized face by washing it and moisturizing it. The brand I use for both my cleanser and moisturizer is CeraVe. I also put on some chap stick, so my lips aren’t dry.

2.) Primer

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I put on a primer, so my makeup will last longer. I use Master Prime by FaceStudios.

3.) Glow Mist Spray

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After I put my primer on, I will usually put my glow mist spray on, which makes my skin look more glowy and healthy in a natural way. My glow mist is by Pix!

4.) Concealer

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After my skin looks a bit more glowy and healthy, I go in with my concealer to cover up any breakouts I have. The concealer I use is by FitMe! Concealer in the shade 15 Fair Clair.

5.) Foundation

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After, I cover up my imperfections, I go in with my foundation and blend it all out with a damp beauty blender. The foundation I use, is FitMe! Foundation in shade 120 Ivory. I then go back in with my FitMe! Concealer under my eyes and blend that in.

6.) Powder

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Next I set my concealer and foundation with powder so my makeup doesn’t come off during the day. I set my under eyes with my Loose Finishing Powder by FitMe! in shade 05 Fair Clair. Then I set the rest of my face with CoverGirl Outlast All-Day Powder in shade 810 Fair to Light.

7.) Bronzer

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After I set my face, I go in with my Ulta Beauty Bronzer. I bronze the sides of my nose, temples, jawline, sides of my neck, and contour my cheeks. I also go in with bronzer on my eyes to give them some color

8.) Eyebrows

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I don’t fill or do anything to my eyebrows, besides brush them out a little with a spoolie.

9.) Highlighter

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I go in with my highlighter by Style Essentials on my cheekbones, the arch of my brows, my cupid’s bow, the tip and bridge of my nose, and sometimes my chin and the inner corner of my eyes.

10.) Setting Spray and Glow Mist

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I go in one last time with my glow mist by Pix! to make my highlighter really shine. Then to set everything all in place, I spray my setting spray all over my face and neck with my Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray.

11.) Mascara

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After I set my face completely, I go in with my Turbo-Volume Express Waterproof Mascara.

12.) Lips

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Lastly, I put on whatever I’m feeling for lips that day. Whether it’s lipstick, lip gloss, or just plain Burt's Bee Chap stick.

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