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fairy, wings, and gold image water and feet image Image removed hipster, legs, and photography image


She's got ginger curly hair.

Inspiring Image on We Heart It beauty, blue eyes, and face image Inspiring Image on We Heart It cute, curls, and girl image


America has freckles and green eyes.

girl image freckles, girl, and smile image cold, eye, and winter image eye, green, and eyes image

Make Up:

Pink with glitter, and little flowers and stars.

girl and stars image flowers, eyes, and makeup image Temporarily removed eye, makeup, and star image


Blue and white dresses with flowers, embroidery and details.

dress, blue, and style image dress and blue image dress and blue image dress and runway image


América controls the water, manipulates it in the way she wants and she can cause rain and strong storms.

Image by White.😈 Diamond fantasy, forest, and nature image book, rain, and autumn image nature and storm image


In a lake near a forest with other fairies.

alternative, fairy tale, and fairytale image autumn, fall, and season image fairy, faery, and forest image girl, water, and dark image

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