hiiiiiiii. it’s @aliceusa here with too many projects and too little time!
so (not) recently i decided i’d learn korean. despite my family’s pressure on me my whole life to learn indonesian or vietnamese. well, it’s not like i haven’t tried, but let’s just say... i’d mess up i’m not just english, but vietnamese and indonesian to my family.

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so... korean? what’s so great about it?

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i could honestly care less about understanding idols or k-dramas, because subs are there for a reason. but there’s something attractive about korean. the language is beautiful to me, and can be used for a future job, as korea has been becoming more popular.

kpop and kdramas are amazing and all but honestly, the korean culture and all of it is just simply amazing.

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i swear in the left hand pic there’s a sign that says “music/song room” but whatever don’t believe my bad korean

learning a language is harder than learning two instruments at once (trust me, that’s also what i’m doing) but it’s also very very rewarding. as a person who can’t be very public about my korean-learning, the end result is very important to me. i don’t learn something because of popularity, and i don’t care if it’s what everyone is doing. i just can’t wait for the day i can say, “i’m self-taught in korean.”