Hey beautiful hearters!!!
First of all i want to thank you so much about been there for me!It's mean a lot to me!

I decided to do the famous 73 questions of vogue......you know that i love talking about myself!!

Soooo let's start.(sorry for language mistakes)

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1.What's your favourite movie?

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Fantastic Beasts
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Jurassic World
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The Great Gatsby
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The Adam's Family

2.Favourite movie in the past five years?

La La Land and A Star Is Born.

3.Favourite hitsock film?

I have not watched any that i liked deeply!!

4.A book you plan on reading?

The bazaar of bad dreams-Stephen King.

5.A book that you read in school that positively shaped you?

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Iliad and Odyssey!!We don't actually read books in the school ,but we studied iliad and odyssey which had a lot of fun!!!
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6.Favourite TV show that you are currently on?

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7.On a scale of 1-10 how excited are you about life right now?

I would say 9,because i know that there are so many things and adventures which can happen!!

8.Iphone or Android?


9.Twitter or Instagram?

Seriously,intagram is everything!!!

10.Who should EVERYONE be following?

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Zendaya ,she is an icon

11.What's your favourite food?

Anything with chicken,falafel, and pizza....and anything spicy.

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12.What is your least favourite food?

I hate green peas and stuffed pepers(gemista).

13.What do you love on your pizza?

I love margarita pizza,but a pepperoni pizza whouldn't go wrong.

14.Favourite drink?

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15.Favourite desert?

Cheesecake !!!

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16.Dark or milk chocolate?

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17.Coffe or tea?


18.Hardest part about being a mother?

I have no idea.....

19.Favourite band?

Guns n roses!

20.Favourite solo artist?

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21.Favourite song?

Do i wanna know? - Arctic Monkeys

22.If you could sing a duet with anyone,who would it be?

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Style Rihanna!!

23.If you could master one instrument, what would it be?

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I would love to play violin one day and i hope to get there!!!

24.If you had a tattoo ,where would it be?

I want a small crown in one of my fingers,a quote to my arm and a flower on the wrist of my leg!!!

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25.To be,or not to be?

To be, all the way........

26.Dogs or cats?

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Cats,obv.........i have a cat and i love him,sooo #LIVECATS

27.Bird watching or whale watching?

Please,let animals alone,they don't deserve it!!!

28.Best gift you've ever received?


29.Best gift you've ever given?

My heart to anyone i love.

30.Last gift you gave a friend?

I had bought for my best friend a table where you can hang on the ropes photos and i printed some photos witn me and her and i hung them up on the ropes!!

31.What's your favourite board game?

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32.What's your favourite country to visit?

Japan! There are no words ,the culture ,the food everything seems so different and amazing from my country

33.What's the last country you visited?

I haven't travelled anywhere yet.):

34.What country do you wish to visit?

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USA is a country i was wanted to visit from a baby!!

35.What's your favourite colour?

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36.Least favourite colour?

I don't believe there is an ugly colour for me,i love all of them!

37.Diamonds or pearls?

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Diamonds are GOLD!!

38.Heels or flats?

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Heels,i adore them!!

39.Pilates or yoga?

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40.Jogging or swimming?

Swimming,as i swim from a young age!

41.Best way to de-stress?

Listening to music and telling to myself that everything happens and goes!!

42.If you had one superpower,what it would be?


43.What's the weirdest English word?


44.What's your favourite flower?

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Well,i believe every flower is beautiful in their own way,but the most touched to my heart are dahlia,,orchid and rose!!
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45.When was the last time you cried?

Ok,well i am crying right now while i am writing this,because i am listening to the song youth by Shawn Mendes.......it's really touching me!!

46.Do you like your handwriting?

Hell no..

47.Do you bake?

No,but actually i want to!

48.What's your least favourite thing about yourself?

I'm too much kind.What i mean,is that i can't say an insult!

49.What's your favourite thing about yourself?

I love myself and so should you!!

50.Who do you miss most?

My sister,who is in Toulouse right now!

51.What are you listening to right now?

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I was listening the song "youth" five minutes before as i told and now i am listening to "lost in Japan" by Shawn Mendes!(is obvious that i love him).

52.Favourite smell?

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Books,is such an attractive smell!

53.Who was the last person you talked to on the phone?

My mom.

54.Who was the last person you sent a text to?

My best friend.

55.A sport you wish you could play?

Gymnastics.I would feel like a spy or something with those moves...

56.Hair colour?

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Dark brown.

57.Eye colour?

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58.Scary film or happy endings?


59.Favourite season?

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Fall.I am really connected with this season!The weather,the mood,the colours,EVERYTHING!

60.Three people alive or dead that you would like to have dinner with?

Lady Gaga,Angelina Jolie and Tom Cruise!

61.Hugs or kisses?

Omg it's impossible to choose,so definitely BOTH!

62.The Rolling Stones or The Battles?

I am not an actual fan of them(don't hate me),but,both for different reasons.

63.Where were you born?

In a small town in Greece

64.What's the farthest you have been from home?


65.Sweet or Savory?

It depends on the mood!

66.Lipstick or lip gloss?

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I am sorry,but both again!

67.What book have you read again and again?

The Lux Series by Jennifer L.Armentrout.

68.Favourite bedtime story?

I like reading different books every night!

69.What would be the title of your autobiography?

Hi!My name is Golden Queen!

70.Favourite sound?

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Music,of course!#music

71.Favourite animal?

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72.Who is your girl crush?

Dua Lipa!

73.Last photo you took?

The ticket from the cinema yesterday to see 'A Star Is Born'!It was incredible!

So that was it...It took me hole hours to make it and i am really proud that i finished it!Hoped you like it(: