1. if you are a beginner use student grade watercolor set
you might waste expensive paint on experiments

2. try some of these floral illustrations

Image by mariam watercolor image watercolor image art and watercolor image watercolor image art, draw, and drawing image
they are easy and fun

3.you can also draw with ink or pencil and add some watercolor spatter like this :

drawing, Mc, and watercolor image art, blogger, and draw image kiss, art, and couple image art image

4. watercolor trees ?

art, tree, and drawing image art, tree, and drawing image
A simple approach to painting a tree is to begin with a light color for the foliage and then add darker values for the shadows and woody sections.An angled brush will achieve a variety of edges and shapes. Using the wet-on-dry technique


art, planet, and drawing image hipster, watercolor, and art image art, blue, and grunge image copy, drawing, and paint image

6. Galaxies
Galaxies are very trendy in the creative world right now and drawing a galaxy is much easier than you think.

art, landscape, and cool image watercolor, art, and drawing image
add shades of blue and purples, let it dry, then cover it up with black watercolor.wait till it drys and add acrylic white spatter with a tooth brush

its been 5 years since i started painting with watercolors
check out my drawings in this collection;)