Hello you guys ! Hope you had/are havig a great weekend ! I really think I'm going back to one article a week, two is too much to handle... Anyway, today I'm giving to your eyes another Fall article (is anyone surprised, honestly ?). So here are several lists of my essentials in different realms.
Enjoy !


① Trench (album) – Twenty Øne Piløts
② 1999 – Charli XCX ft. Troye Sivan
③ Unpeeled (album) – Cage The Elephant
④ What Do You Think About The Car ? (album) – Declan McKenna
⑤ God's Plan – Drake
⑥ A Star Is Born Soundtrack – Lady Gaga & Bradley Cooper
⑦ Jorja Smith
⑧ Pray For The Wicked (album) – Panic! At The Disco
⑨ Chris (album) – Christine and the Queens
⑩ Harry Styles (album) – Harry Styles

trench, twenty one pilots, and tyler joseph image declan mckenna image
Link to my Spotify Fall playlist : https://open.spotify.com/user/21wilzud65lrakhz2tg4qj5eq/playlist/3ZtOdEdhKVvtxWAN9PICbx


➊ Getting Curious with Jonathan Van Ness
➋ Teenager Therapy
➌ The Poorly Planned Podcast
➍ The Business of Fashion Podcast

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TV Shows/Movies

① American Horror Story
② The Vampire Diaries
③ The Nightmare Before Christmas
④ Bettlejuice
⑤ Friends

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➊ Caramel Tea
➋ Dark chocolate
➌ Pumpkin stuff (pie, latte, soup, …)

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Here we go ! See you next time guys, and happy fall ahah.

Love, always.