Hey there,
First of all,I made this article in order to get to know me,obviously,but if you want,we can get to know each other by sending me a message!

Let's start..
I'm a 15 year old teenager from Greece..

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Although I love Greece so much, my biggest dream is to go to America, specifically ,to New York City. I would be really happy if I had the chance to live there for the rest of my life. However, I want to travel in other places too, like Australia, France, Spain and basically all around the world.

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What I love to do, is actually going to the gym. I love working out although it's exhausting most of the times. Also, I really like drawing and writing articles on We Heart it.🌹

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Additionally, I'm addicted to makeup, to food(and I mean everything of food) and to 13 reasons why.

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My favourite animals are dogs and sharks and because of that, my fave movie is The Meg(it's an amazing movie. You should check it out.)

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Last but not least, I'm trying to have a positive mindset, so that I will feel better and have more confidence.( I intend to post a lot of articles about confidence and self love.)

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