How did you find this challenge? What was the favorite /least fav?

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I'm actually happy to get it done. As for my last task to describe my experience with this challenge. I took more time than I was planning but I'm still happy that I started it. It doesn't really matter when you do it or who. It is exciting to go through all the topics. Sometimes I had lots to say sometimes just a few words. It went unplanned at some point but good anyway.

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I'm excited that my sister will finish it too when she can. It going to be our thing which I'm really thrilled with. For the memories. I'm satisfied with the topics. I was sure I will have something to write for the "fictional" part of the challenge but I ended up having more fun with self-analysis and with humor from life. Thanks for reading, thank for participating!

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UPD: I should work on the order of the topics since I didn't like to write fiction on the 28th day and it ended being the least favorite task, and my favorite was to write a poem!

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Thank You for reading and following along!