this time I wanted to create an original character inspired by the world of Rick Riordan
so here's my first demigod alter ego yay !
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Devon Toscani

Known as
Child of the sun, the Druid


Cabin / child of
Apollo, god of the sun and the arts.

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Mortal origins
The mother is an italian immigrant from Sicily.

Gender identity / Sexual orientation
Non binary / Pansexual


freckles, ginger, and lips image girl, outfit, and street style image armor, dA, and photo image eyes, eye, and brown image
brown hair and light brown eyes, bronze skin.

Look & style

bright, shine, and sun image autumn, converse, and fall image read, style, and short hair image boy, hipster, and pale image


art image art, beige, and white image Mature image quotes, art, and words image Image by ʆƳƝƝƘ aesthetic, art, and flower image
Artistic; shy at first impact, actually just a little reserved; fearless of expression and experience; lover soul; nature enthusiast;

AHAD, Dislexia, Gender disphorya


Abusive image DC, gold, and harp image
  • Archery and athletic skills
  • Healing powers from the sunlight
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  • Speaking with some animals (Apollo's creatures like wolfs, falcons, crows and snakes)
  • Poetry powers like the Couplet Curse: to curse others to only speak in rhyming couplets that can take days or even weeks to wear off, as Will Solace in The Last Olympian.


dagger, gold, and necklace image aesthetic, bow and arrow, and forest image
arrow; dagger necklace to capture sunlight;


blonde, boy, and curly image Image by tenderlygirl
Will Solace, Cabin of Apollo
theme, pluto, and art image Greece, greek, and aesthetic image
Hazel Lavesque, Cabin of Pluto
poseidon, percy jackson, and blue image ocean, sea, and art image
Percy Jackson, Cabin of Poseidon
red, aesthetic, and ares image aesthetic and greek mythology image
Chris and Clarisse La rue, Cabin of Ares
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