Hey Everyone!

How are you guys doing? Did you have a good week? Mine was a little bit easier than the previous(hallelujah). So, I decided to write an article about Productivity, especially how to stay productive and positive throughout a school term. I hope you'll learn something from this:

1. Have a Planner

I started planning my days at my first year of high school. Back then I only used a notebook for this, but now I use a planner. Each day I write down what I need to do that day and try to accomplish everything I have written down. This helps me a lot in studyig, because I don't forget to study something.

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2. Have a Specific Time for Studying EVERY DAY!

This is the hardest thing for students in my view and I get it why. We are in school for a long period of time, so when it's done for a day, we just want to do something else than studying. But you must learn every day at home too, because you don't want to rush everything at the weekend.

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3. Do not multitask!

I know that in school-time we have to learn dozens and dozens of information, but multitasking is not the right way to overcome from this. You must finish something before you start to study for something else. "Killing two flies with one stone,, is not the best way when it comes to studying.

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4. Put your phone down when studying!

The other thing that is really hard to do is putting our phone down when studying. It's because of the same reason, as for why we don't study every day. This is the hardest thing for me to do so because I don't have 4G on my phone, so the only time I have time to be on my phone is after school. But it's much more effective to study when you are not distracted by messages.

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5. Have Breaks

You should have breaks when studying because your brain really needs to shout down and not think or memorize something. What I do is I relax 15 minutes after I studied everything for a subject at the weekend. In the weekdays I have fewer breaks, for example, showering, eating my dinner, so with something every-day-thing.

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6. Don't overdo it ever!

The other thing that I have problems with doing is not overdoing it. I have a little bit of perfectionism and I want to do everything perfectly and have cute notes for every subject, write every homework and of course, learn everything class-to-class. So I spend waaaaay to much time to do everything, but you should do this. You must learn, but it's totally okay if you finish it at a time and learn the rest the next day.

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7. The weekend is a time where you can relax too!

So we have two and a half day off,, weekend". What I do is I spend the Friday with doing small tasks for school and relaxing too, and then the Saturdays with friends/family or with my boyfriend, And on Sunday I study what left from the week.

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8. Have Goals

You must know why do you study and what for. Having plans will help you a lot not to give up studying when it's too hard. For example, I have a vision board where I keep my motivational quotes.

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9. Listen in classes

Paying attention in classes are gonna make your life easier a LOT. Take pretty notes, ask questions and try to understand as much as possible and then you have to study less. Just think it through, understanding what happened in a class takes away the most time.

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10. School is not everything

So what If you tried all these things, but you still got a bad mark? Then, you must keep that in mind that you did your best and that's all. School is not everything, it's not a piece of cake I agree, but don't be dissapointed or really sad if you got a bad mark, eventhough you studied. It's just a mark, it don't defines you! You are still you and I LOVE YOU!

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That's all I wanted to write today.I hope you liked it.
I will bring a new one next Sunday.
Until then,
Kisses and Bye,