this is just how i feel being an introvert //you and others may experience it different//

alone time is a good time

being alone to just think is a must. if i don't have at least one hour alone where i can sort out my thought i will have a mental breakdown.
- time to read
- time to write
- time to draw/paint
- time to listen to music in peace
- time to watch yt or netflix
i just need some or a lot of me time

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i don't really have any close friends. it's extremely hard for me to be myself around people. i mean i can bearly go out my room when my family members are there, so yeah.. i try my best :) but when i mess up or stutter i can't help to think about it for a long time after.
- bc i always end up thinking about how i mess up in social situations, i try to not be so social.. not that i have a choice lol

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school is hard. very hard. i get panic attacks daily and have even fainted many times at school. added to my introverted self, i'm also depressed and have anxiety so that doesn't help at all. i just wish i was able to tell someone that a lot of assignments are difficult for me.. but i'm not, oh well.

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travelling with people is exhausting. at first its fun, but after a day or two, i want death. as said above, i need alone time and when travelling with many people its hard to get some. on the other hand, travelling alone is amazing or at least with people that don't exhaust me.
- travelling with family is a no for me. most of my family members are extroverts and very loud. they like to do something every second, which means no time for me where i can collect my thoughts.
- travelling alone is fun even tho it's nerve-racking. yes, it can be a little uncomfortable travelling alone just bc i have to talk to strangers. overall tho i prefer it. i get a good feeling when i manage to ex. order something on my own without getting nervous.
- travelling with friends? idk. i don't really have any close friends so i don't have much experience on that topic. i guess as long as we're on the same page as to what to do and stuff it would be fine.

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