I love sleeping, and I am such an optimist when it comes to time. This guide is for those who tend to be like me in the mornings.

I will present 5 easy steps for when you are in a hurry in the morning. Maybe you overslept, maybe you are a time-optimist like me, maybe you just want to optimize the time you have in the morning.

These steps focus on beauty, not much else. However (!) I would recommend either choosing your outfit the evening before, or to go for clothes with neutral colors (they can always be worn together), to spend less time getting ready in the morning.

Everyone at this website come from different places with different selections on products, so I am not gonna bother telling you the namnes of the products I use, just what kind of products I usually go for. Personally I go for ecological and vegan products, for the sake of the environment and animal cruelty, but also to not strain my skin with heavy products and chemicals.

The following steps will help you accentuate your natural beauty <3


- Use face lotion. It brightens and nourishes your skin. It makes you look more alive.

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- Use mineral powder. It is super easy and does not take much time or effort (or precision) to use. It also protects your skin from outside elements (sun, wind, cold)

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- Bad hair day? Put your hair in a sleek low bun. It looks sofisticated but is easy to do and you can do it fast. It also works when your hair is greasy. If you have time, you can also use dry schampo.

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- Lipbalm/Lipgloss/Lipstick. A good looking set of lips makes you look more fresh and healthy.

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- Fix your brows. Just brush them so that the hairs are in place. A good pair of brows frames your face and accentuates your eyes.

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Hope I have saved you some time!