Arleny Rodriguez
2 October 2018
As a Human in Society, I’ve Been Taught

I'm in my Father’s car on my way home. The sun has just begun to set, my head laid-back, headphones plugged in and playing. As we came to a stop you were able to see two people, both females. Signs were visible that they were dating. They were holding hands and laughing. They were happy! My father on the other hand was not, he began to speak negatively about them to me, saying negative comments about their relationship. How “God never intended relationships to be that way” or “make sure to never let those kinds of people around you” and “to never end up like that because its gross”. As the comments became more offensive I found myself getting mad. Just because I didn’t believe in his customs and we both have a different viewing of what is right and wrong.

As a human in society, I've been taught that people from the LGBT+ community should be looked down upon. As I have grown as an individual I have never believed in what I've been taught. Never once said any negative comments because it is simply, in my opinion, very ignorant for someone to comment on one’s lifestyle because “it doesn’t fit your standards.” A non-heterosexual relationship shouldn’t well be an issue nowadays. If people are visibly happy then that’s what should matter. My Father’s comments have always gotten the best of me.

Summer 2017. I have not gone into Highschool yet. It was right after I graduated from middle school. It was past 12am and I had just finished watching a series on Netflix (it revolved around LGBT+). When I completed the series, I became upset. I was confused. It got to the point to where I texted one of my friends at 1am to help me understand what I was feeling. In other words, I was confused on my sexuality. My friend who is part of the LGBT+ community tried to help me out. I would deny her statements, why because I was at my Father’s house at that time. All I could think about was the judgement he gave people who were different, and I didn’t want to be hated/neglected from the family for being different.

I've been taught the importance of friendship. My friends have always stuck around me when things get hard or even when I'm making a big life choice. People shouldn’t have to deal with their issues alone. I have always stood up for LGBT+ rights and never personally denied their lifestyle. I have a lot of friends who are part of the community, like my best friend for example! I have always told my friends everything and anything. Just like how finally this year I came to terms with myself. I stopped having internal conflicts and came out to my friends. As weeks went by I have told more and more people, but I have not fully come out to everyone.

Later on, I did get on terms with coming out to my Mother, she does believe in the same customs as my Father. She is not as negative about the topic. Coming out to my mom did not turn out well, but it still made me happy at the end of the day. (My Mom and my cousins are the only family members who know). I don’t have to pretend to be someone I'm not, which has also helped with my self-confidence tremendously.

As more and more day's pass, I get closer and closer to coming out to everyone...

But as of right now I am not coming out to my Dad, why might you ask?

As a human in society, I've been taught that people from the LGBT+ community should be looked down upon.