What if it happens? What if i don't achieve my goals? What if I fail to manage my business? What if all dreams I had fall down like cards? What if...The question that kills our mind what if this, what if that? Never, just never let your mind to rule your heart! If your heart believes you can chase your goals, listen it! It feels better what is good for you or no! Bring your brain with you of course, but never let it to lead your life...Because with it's thoguhts and plans, it can lead you to failure or sadness, and that is the last thing you want on your way to the top!

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As I said already before...Being successful isn't just about hard working, and never having a break or not having a time for yourself. You should work smartly! Think of the best way (the easiest way) to manage all, but for a short time. Being successful is about your mindset too. You must have your time, the time for coffee, to start your day, to think about your life, your plans, and what exactly you want!

To manage your thoughts during this way, to think wise, never look back, and always to make a progress, even one step, but go forward! It doesn't mean if it takes too long that you will fail, trust me everyone is different, every human is special and different for itself so you can't compare youself to others. Just trust me, you are on the right way if you follow your heart!

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No matter how you started this all, the most important thing is where you want to arrive! Before you start to achieve something, your mind must arrive there at first. Because your life is the same as your thoguths are. You must have healthy, good, and positive thoguths, and always to tell yourself I can do it, I am smart enough and special to get it, because I have something others don't! Think about the thing that makes you special and different, and use it as your weapon, because we all have our own gifts, we were born with...

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What happens if you fall on the ground and life beats you? Stay calm, don't blame yourself! Everything will pass, good or bad it will pass! Get your power again and try to stand up and continue...If not stay there, manage better plans, and try again. Keep trying until you do it! Successful people are not the people who never failed, but people who learned how to stand up when they fall and they learned too that they should never give up! They will just keep trying, and trying. Actually the way to the top is hard, and you must be strong, smart, and patient. Patience is the key for all! Even happiness too, because you can't force something that is not meant to be at the time you want...Everything has it's timing, business, love, life, death, just all...

People usually think if they fail that they are stupid, not able to do something, that they will always be useless... No! Just I will never agree with this, the failure must be something that will motivate you to show to the world that you will never give up no matter what and that you believe in what you are doing, or want. That you will show them all that you can be the best! You can beat your enemies! Just hustle, even talent can't beat you if you hustle every day, wake up early, do your things, work, study, and believe in yourself!

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If your way doesn't work, or plan, make other, try everything else just to arrive where you want! Who knows why you failed something or why you must change your way, some things we don't know, but we must feel them! That is why I am saying the heart must be listened! Always say who knows why it happend, and be thankful...When you arrive to your destination in future and look back you will understand, you will get the whole story and be glad that it happend like that!

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Have someone to catch your hand when you fall, never stay on the ground and never give up! Stay classy and bossy, kisses for everyone, and have a nice day!

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