My hearters...

  • Stop worrying, if it's meant to be, it will happen.
  • Allow yourself to be a beginner.
  • Don't let your happiness depend on anything outside yourself.
  • Stay close to everything that makes you feel alive.
  • Support yourself with people who see your greatness.
  • Make peace with your past.
  • See all setbacks as growth and expansive opportunities.
  • Don't give up, ever.
  • Comparing yourself with others will hurt your health and steal your joy.
  • You always have a choice.
  • Stop chasing what's not working.
  • Believe wholeheartedly in miracles.
  • Don't postpone joy.
  • Trust the Universe.
  • Wake up every morning with a grateful heart.
  • Remember, good things take time.
  • Always trust your gut.
  • Don't resist change.
  • Forgive yourself.
  • Release the expectations and enjoy the journey.
  • You're not broken or damaged, you are perfect the way you are.

Head up.