Whats your middle name? My middle name is Lucy

Whats your favorite color? I like all the colors but if i had to chooce i would probably choose yellow and red

Favorite animals? Probs foxes and dogs

How man countries have you visited? My family loves to travel so we visit a lot of countries and cities. we already visited over 10 countries some of them even twice.

Favorite subjects? I actually really like school i just hate homework and teachers are not the best. I think right now PE and art are my favorite subjects

Do you speak any other languages? I speak Lithuanian and English fluently and i speak some French and Latin

Biggest flaw about yourself ? im really annoying all the time and thats why people always leave me

The best thing about yourself? Well... im really friendly and loyal

Favourite fictional world/universe ? hogwarts and school for good and evil 100 percent.

How would you discribe your fashion taste? Its pretty simple because im broke

Thank you for reading this boring thing i love you for that.
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