Would you change your mind if I were pretty,
If I had confidence and knew just what to do
But I’m just me, trying to get through to you,
but you won’t look at me that way, you never do
You’ve set my heart on fire, my heads a flame,
flickering like bonfires on winter days
So I’ll try to move on to relax
but you keep coming back
Invading my thoughts and heart
I wish you’d know how I feel
You’re that blue-eyed freckled face boy that I know
and one day you may wake up, realize how I feel for you
And maybe if I could change then you’d look at me that same way
But you still have your eyes closed,
Living amongst those lies
I wish you could feel me, feel my love for you
But you won’t, Cause you never do
And I’ll never belong to you

Hiiiiiiiiii! So this is something I wrote a while ago and kind of forgot about but then saw Sierra Burgess is a Loser and kit kind of brought it back for me! A lot of us will feel these thoughts at some point in our lives but it's all part of life's journey, it's more just accepting it really... Anyways I'm sorry that I haven't been very active, Uni's been utterly crazy, I'm really enjoying it though!!! I have met people that honestly just get me and my wild mind!!! I'll give more of an update at some point when I have more time but for now, see ya'll!

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