My name in colors! NAIMA

N - Navajo White

quotes, aesthetic, and emotional image art, books, and ocean image beige, brown, and life image art, books, and ocean image

A - Antique Ruby

rose, flowers, and red image aesthetic, alternative, and cry image rose, red, and flowers image red, ruby, and wallpaper image

I - Ivory

white, architecture, and art image book, flowers, and aesthetic image happy new year, snow, and snowflake image ivory homecoming dress and prom dresses lace image

M - Mauvelous

pink, bath, and purple image quotes, art, and love image dress and pink image rose, flowers, and pink image

A - Amethyst

Image by rainbowdark_17 car, sky, and vintage image sky, purple, and storm image flowers, purple, and beautiful image

I thought it was fun so I also made it for my mum!


S - Sunglow

Temporarily removed Inspiring Image on We Heart It sky, yellow, and clouds image yellow, flowers, and aesthetic image

I - Illuminating emerald

makeup, beauty, and green image green, velvet, and aesthetic image catwalk, designer, and dress image green, jewelry, and ring image

L - Lilac

purple, theme, and aesthetic image catwalk, pastel, and purple image color, flower, and green image purple, makeup, and eye image

K - Kobi

shoes, heels, and pink image Inspiring Image on We Heart It quotes, beautiful, and vibes image pink, fashion, and clothes image

E - Egyptian Blue

flowers, blue, and aesthetic image 1984, act, and black image dark, blue, and sky image blue, fashion, and dress image

and I also did it for my boyfriend


A - Artichoke

green, aesthetic, and drink image aesthetic, green, and minimalistic image green, aesthetic, and food image plants, drawing, and green image

L - Light steel blue

blue, aesthetic, and outfit image aesthetic, blue, and soft image blue, crystal, and rock image blue and aesthetic image

E - Eerie black

quotes, aesthetic, and shakespeare image dark, aesthetic, and city image boy, ulzzang, and asian image Image by Lyds

X - Xanthic

flowers and yellow image lemon, yellow, and aesthetic image yellow, quotes, and aesthetic image aesthetic, flower, and petals image