Hello Guys
Today I am back with a new article and some aesthetics.

These are the articles that inspired me


gif image Image by Fernanda Félix Image removed anime, drawing, and girl image crown, emerald, and fantasy image architecture, gold, and aesthetic image


bijoux image Inspiring Image on We Heart It aesthetic, castle, and art image aesthetic, castle, and light image dress, princess, and hair image dress, wedding, and bride image fashion, elie saab, and dress image blue, dark, and princess image


girl and smile image Image removed fairy, wings, and aesthetic image Image removed forest, garden, and fairy garden image forest, light, and magic image beautiful, classy, and fairy tales image


fashion, hair, and accessories image hands, black, and stars image beautiful, black dress, and dior image stars, sky, and blue image stars and asteria image moon, night, and stars image


mermaid, sea, and water image Image removed flowers, water, and aesthetic image mermaid, beach, and sea image glitter, aesthetic, and skin image wallpaper, sea, and stars image Image by 𝒏𝒂𝒃𝒂あ Abusive image


Temporarily removed Temporarily removed witch, crystal, and magic image book, crystal, and magic image Temporarily removed makeup, shaman, and witch image


fashion, old, and pirate image pirate, ship, and aesthetic image Halloween, pirate, and makeup image clothes, pirate, and explorer image Image by Maria girl, style, and aesthetic image

Thank you for reading
-love sunny