i'm probably going to forget things but this is my list of my favorite things this september :)

»»———— everytime by ariana grande ————««

ariana grande, ariana, and sweetener image ariana grande, ariana, and starbucks image
one of my favorite songs this month!

»»———— rings ————««

jewelry, rings, and accessories image jewelry and rings image
especially rose gold ones!

»»———— vanilla bean coffee ————««

cafe, coffee, and starbucks image ice, iced coffee, and cute image
i decided to try a vanilla bean freeze and vanilla bean mocha and i loved them :)

»»———— scrunchies ————««

old, vintage, and scrunchies image aesthetic, blonde, and hair image
specifically the velvet ones

»»———— halloween prepping ————««

fashion, lady, and socks image book and autumn image
halloween is one of my favorite holidays and i loved prepping for it this month!

»»———— bath and body works' fall collection ————««

autumn, fall, and candle image fall, candle, and autumn image
my favorite is the 'sweater weather' body mist

»»———— ahs season 8 (so far) ————««

american horror story, ahs, and horror image apocalypse, ahs, and american horror story image
i love this season so much (so far); to my relief, it's way better than the last season!

»»———— reese's puffs ————««

breakfast, cereal, and cocoa image cereal, fashion, and food image

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