Have you ever experienced that pain in your chest whenever you realize everything is changing? You give everything you have, hoping someone will stick with you and that you'll finally be enough for someone, but in the end everyone find new friends and slowly forget about you.

Everyone move on with their lives, while you're stuck in the same shit as always, hoping for someone to realize you just need to feel loved, but they just...they just leave. Everyone leave in the end, you never end up being enough for anyone, You aren't fun enough, interesting enough, pretty enough, thin enough, intelligent enough, you are never enough. And it fucking hurts, knowing you gave them everything you have, knowing that when everyone turned their backs on them you were there and now...now they just left. And it's the same shit, always. They always come back to you when they don't have anyone else, but when they have they stop calling or texting or visiting and you just see them having the time of their lives and not even having the intention of including you.

So yeah, I'm tired of that shit. I'm tired that every friend I've ever had replaced me with more interesting people. I'm tired of being the second choice and I'm tired of feeling worthless all the fucking time. I hope you have a nice day and, if you relate with anything of the nonsense I just wrote trying to express myself, feel free to write me if you need it. Fuck it, you can write me to tell me whatever, just know there's someone here for you ALWAYS.