i had the idea to do this article while studying, in my room, alone. so if you don't want your studying sessions to be as boring as mines, please read this article!

1| coffee shop

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if you like the smell of coffee, this is the perfect place for you! it's not to quiet, and not too loud. i really like studying there, it's one of my favorite.

2| library

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for a student, this is a very common place to study, and the most accessible. being in a very quiet place can help you boost your grades, but if you don't like complete silence, i wouldn't recommend this place to you.

3| a friend's house

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even if you are not doing a group project, studying at a friend's house can be fun and productive, if you focus and don't start talking about everything not related to the subject. it's different from your own house!

4| outside

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it could be a park, your own backyard, your school's campus... studying in nature can be so relaxing a productivity booster. if you live in a big city, maybe on your balcony would be ideal (of course, if you don't like honks and city sounds, try another place).

5| book store

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so the difference between a library for me is probably the ambiance. i've never studied in a book store so i don't really know the difference myself, but it is a cute place!

6| school

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some schools have a area reserved to studying, so take advantage of it! some of your classmates maybe already go there, so you still have friends with you, it's accessible, and free! plus if you have a school library nearby, it's even better.

there you go! i hope i helped you choose your study place!