It's over. I fail to tell myself that every time I see you. I get this urge to hug you and you'd tell me that it was all a silly prank. But no, it isn't a prank. You aren't mine, not anymore.
I try to get a glimpse of you whenever I get the chance. You're still the one I look for in a crowded room. I rush out of my goddamn classes just to make sure I see you. And I do, I see you but all you do is look away. Then, there's a constant thought in my head saying, it's over. and can I blame it? because you broke me and the only one who can fix me is you.
During class, I get these thoughts like, if I was her, he wouldn't have ended it and it ends up with me hating myself more than ever. I often think if you're thinking of me but that ends up horrible.

But it's time. It's time for me to move on. Because it's pathetic, isn't it? You aren't even coping because you're alright. Me? I can't stop thinking about you. I can't stop thinking about all those lies you told me. I can't stop thinking about you whether it's 3 in the morning or 3 in the afternoon when I'm laughing along with my friends.

It's time for me to accept the fact that we aren't meant to be. It's time to move on.