it's been around six months;
six months since we stopped talking;
six months that i don't know what you have been doing with your life;
six months since i lost what i once thought it was my best friend

i also thought that these six months would be enough for me to get over it.
it wasn't.
and i think that even a year isn't going to be enough.

and when i stop to think about everything that happened;
everything i still feel;
i start crying once again.

and there are some things;
some things i know you liked;
things such as a certain celebrity, a certain character, a certain artist;
that everytime i see it, it reminds me of you
and i can't enjoy it because of this.

i still see small glimpses of your life, small glimpses of things you post;
and everyday i get more the feeling that you're ruining your own life;
since you don't follow the things your therapist say to you;
since you're drinking alcohol everytime it's possible;
since you do drugs;
since all your friends around you try to help you, but you simply don't want to get better.

that's what i think it's the crazier;
your life seems to get worse but mine has changed so much;
i feel so much better about a lot of things;
things i was having problems with while you were... ''my best friend''

and sometimes i miss that;
i miss just having ''a best friend''
i miss having someone i trust enough to tell anything i want;
i miss having someone that i can talk to anytime;
and sometimes, it breaks my heart to see that every other girl has a best friend whom they love;
except for me.

sometimes i wonder if you miss me;
profoundly, deeply miss me;
miss our talks;
our little jokes;

in the deep of my soul and mind;
i have this little hope that you actually, truly miss me;
but i also know that i am only fooling myself;
for that isn't true;
since you left our six years of friendship behind;
for a two month friendship with people you just met.

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