Hey guys, as always it's been a while since my last article (srry 'bout that tho), and this time I want to share with you guys the songs that I've been listening recently and probably keep listening to the rest of the month.

All this songs are not just from one music gender but from different ones, like Pop, Indie, Alternative, Hip hop and more, even kpop. So I hope you like them and enjoy listening to this playlist<3

idontwannabeyouanymore - Billie Eilish
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Don't lose your cool - Louis Mattrs
Go fuck yourself - Two feet
song, music, and two feet image black and white, fuck you, and go fuck yourself image
Don't - Bryson Tiller
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Jumpman - Drake
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R.E.M - Ariana Grande
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Lost in Japan - Shawn Mendes
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Come over - Dean
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Cherry bomb - NCT 127
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Let go - BTS
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.....so, this are just a few songs, I hope you like them and thank you to read this<3 also if you want to listen more just dm me and I can give you my spotify link :)

I'll leave me instagram so you can follow me:)

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