I think everyone had few times that was really hard to come through. Everything is dark and the light is nowhere to be found. The pressure from work, school, family, society... THE RULES that need to be followed.

Sometimes I just want to lock door from my room and stay there few weeks without anyone and cry how the world is cruel. But how can you work with that? You can just stay there. Stop going to school or work. How will you live?! This way you just spend all your money and that what? Starve to death? Really? This will be my end?

No! I don't want to die like this! Go away you worm of bad thoughts! The best thing is if you have close friends or family that help you come through of it. Worse is if you don't have anyone on you side. In my case if I don't have anyone around me I sing. I think it is the best think for depression. Or go to forest or park. And of course don't be scare to cry. Everyone cries. It is basic for human and if someone says it is lame that mostly has the same problem as you.

So don't forget to smile, hug and love, because even if are the clouds are above us, they will float away and sun will rise.