hi, today i want you to discover new music i´m going to present you some good and underrated artist i adore, enjoy.

1) Rhodes
He puts a lot of feeling in his music and his voice is the definition of beautiful.

Personal favorites: Your soul, Always - live and Let it all go feat. Birdy

2) Birdy
She is so talented playing piano and singing. She makes me cry sometimes.

Personal favorites: Shelter, Not about angels and unbroken.

3) Cloves
Her vocals are fire and i love her style so much. She just dropped her first album so go and listen.

Personal favorites: Don't forget about me, California numb and Don't you wait.

Last one but not least important

4) Nothing but thieves
They are a rock band with powerful lyrics, great vocals and such great sound.

Personal favorites: Sorry, Broken machine and Lover, please stay