okay girls and boys out there -

i don't even know if someone will read this tho

after a long ass cry i decided that i didn't want to feel sad over stupid things ever again. maybe some people will feel the same, they feel depressed like i used to.

some thoughts that made me rethink/some tips:

1. you are really the only person that can make you feel sad

2. you can change your mood. listen to some music, dance, do yoga, draw whatever makes you feel better.

3. a good cry can help if you really let it go afterwards

4. hiding in your room and not talking about it will not change anything - communication is so important - it free's your mind

5. never ever let a boy or girl make you feel sad

6. also, you are the only person that has power over your mind - if you are sad, you are allowing your mind to make you feel sad. don't.

7. you are strong. stand up for yourself.

8. if you feel alone, find someone you can talk to - family, friends, teachers, even a internet friend you are really never as alone as you may feel in that moment of sadness

9. meditating really calms you down if you feel like you can't handle your emotions anymore

10. keeping yourself busy is really good for keeping negative thoughts away because you don't really have the time to feel sad

11. taking time for yourself is also good. learning to enjoy time with just yourself seems hard for some people but its something important

edit/end - i really thought about publishing this a lot but if i don't i may never know if i could reach someone with that.

i am a person that thinks a lot and over the past three months (i just finished school) i really didn't do anything with my life and my sadness and overthinking grew over the time but i decided to change. and i am- because i want to. you can do the same.

DISCLAIMER this will only help you if you go through a depressive stage, if you really can't help yourself you should see a professional